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An appeal to support the fight against Covid-19

Dear Friends,

AIGETOA Kerala appeal to all members and well wishers to support a task for Providing Protective Kits to BSNL CSCs/ External Clusters in Kerala circle. In its CEC meeting held on 09-05-2020 AIGETOA Kerala decided to appeal for voluntary financial support from members and well wishers in BSNL, inorder to procure and distribute protective kits ( consisting of protective shield , mask , glove , sanitizer & handwash ) to units who frequently deals with public . We are sure that all our members and the like minded employees will come forward to support this noble cause to give a support within BSNL during this pandemic time where sanitization / hygiene is the most important concern. Even though the support is voluntary, we expect a minimum of Rs 1000/- from each personal which will surely point to make a gesture of solidarity to those employees / workers in these BSNL units across Kerala. The amount may be handed over to concerned DS/DP/DFS and Let’s contribute unitedly and make the program a success.


CEC Meeting through Video Conference

The Circle Executive Committee meeting of AIGETOA Kerala was held on 09-05-2020 through Zoom Video Conference. The circle executive committee members and various DS/DP/DFS attended the meeting across Kerala. The CEC meeting was chaired by Circle President Sri. Muhammadali and lasted for almost three hours where various agenda points discussed elaborately. Our All India President Sri. Ravishil Verma also graced the meeting with his presence for a short period of time .

1.Covid -19 related support by AIGETOA Kerala
CEC appreciated the support of our members on different platforms with regard to Covid-19 related support works. Many members gave their share to PMcares/ CMDRF , financial support for needy ones locally, food / grocery supplies , activities to recharge FRCs at Airports etc. On further continuing solidarity to discharge the responsibility, the meeting decided to call for a voluntary contribution from members/ well wishers to provide kits to all BSNL CSCs / external clusters /units in Kerala Circle who deals with public or customers directly . The kit will contain Masks/ Face shields/ Gloves/Sanitizers/handwash etc which will help for fight against this pandemic by ensuring sanitization for employees and customers. ACS Sir.Binoj, VP Sri. Nikesh and CFS Sri. Maxmillan are nominated to coordinate the same.

2.Status and submission of SSA account statements ( FY 19-20 ) for auditing purpose.
Circle Finance Secretary Sri. Maxmilan informed that the circle account details are already submitted for auditing purpose as directed from CHQ. Now various SSA account statements ( FY 19-20 ) for auditing purpose are pending. The details are already shared by Malppuram, Palghat, Thrissur and Ernakulam. Remaining SSA DS/DFS have detailed present status and it is informed that they will share the data within a week.

3.Obstacles in 4G tender & 4G rollout
The committee shared its concern over the obstacles happened in 4G tender which is long awaited for BSNL and its customers. Circle Secretary Sri. Saheer explained the issues in the same and appraised about various initiatives from CHQ side for some solutions in the stalemate. Later our AIP also detailed about present situation.

4.Matter of Changeover Window stoppage and Illegitimate facility extension.
The matter of illegitimate facility extension to some executive associations due to some doubtful nexus was discussed in the meeting. Infact one such association, have much lesser membership than AIGETOA allowed to continue their status as such, which is completely irrational and beyond justice. The changeover window stoppage also made purposefully to give some hindrance to the flow executives to join AIGETOA across india. We are sure that no one can stop the reality to come out being the fact that only AIGETOA who stand for BSNL recruits for their career and super annuation related matters .

5.Promotions / Inter Circle Transfers.
Discussions held on pending Promotions and restructuring of employees and how association is planning to tackle these matters. Even though situation is tough due to Covid pandemic, we are still working to get some resolutions for the results. The inter circle matter of GATE JTOs is taken by CHQ actively and mean time the long standing inter circle transfer will be known after the lockdown situation, once the transportation becomes normal. AIP clarified the concerns raised.

Finally, CP summarised the resolutions of the meeting and opined that since this mode of zoom meeting is very constructive and convenient, we can think of having such meetings in regular intervals during the lock down / pandemic period


Deepest condolences on the demise of Shri. Krishnan V, father of Shri Ramachandran, CEC Member AIGETOA

Shri. Krishnan .V, father of Shri. Ramachandran, CEC Member & Ex CS Aigetoa Kerala passed away at around 4 PM on 10.05.2020 at their residence, Shornur, (1km from Railway Station) Cremation at 8 AM tomorrow on 11.5.2020 at Shanthitheeram near Bharathapuzha (Cheruthuruthy Palam).

AIGETOA, Kerala expresses it's deepest condolences and prays to the Almighty to provide him & his family sufficient strength and courage to tide over the crisis and for bearing this irreparable loss. We pray that the eternal soul may rest in peace.


വിഷു ദിന ആശംസകൾ

Vishu Greetings
Let us banish the Worries and fill our mind with Wisdom...
Vishu Greetings from AIGETOA


AIGETOA Kerala wishes all a very Happy Easter

Happy Easter 2020
Easter Symbolises the renewal of Life.
AIGETOA Kerala wishes You and Family and the whole of us, the renewal of Life, Love, Unity, Togetherness and Happiness.
We Will Overcome


Meeting with CGMT, BSNL Kerala on 9th April 2020

Our Circle Secretary today (9.4.2020 ) met our respected CGMT Sri. C V Vinod Sir and requested for considering Native Circle Transfers of GATE recruited JTOs in the post VRS executive deployment. We had taken this matter before VRS and today we have appraised further details in this regard in the present scenario. CGMT showed his attention towards the matter and assured us that needful care will be done when an opportunity arises.

Further our CS took our suggestion for catering the surge in demand of mobile data traffic in Kerala, which was submitted through CHQ to Director (CM). Our CGMT appreciated our suggestion and discussed about the present situation in this regard. Sir, informed us that he is aware of the matter and will do the followup accordingly.

Later our CS met GM (HR/Admin) also and gave our submission on the inter circle transfer of GATE JTOs. Our CHQ team pursuing the above cases at corporate office level also.

Click here for the letter submitted


Suggestions on Redeployment of executives in BAs

In continuation with our discussion on the subject matter earlier, today our Circle Secretary Sri Saheer along with ACS Sri Prasad Raj met GM (HR& Admin), Kerala Circle Sri. R Satheesh and represented our suggestions on the same. We appraised management about the need of more executives than from the proposal in the sections like Transmission, External, EB, FTTH & OH Fiber instln/maintenance, BSS-NQM, Sales & Marketing, CSCs etc.

We have submitted an operational outline of Kerala Circle and suggestions / requirements BA wise as a ready reference to consider the Business volume and Geographical aspects. We have also mentioned for the need of more DE/SDEs in Operations side, and requested management to initiate the request with Corporate office for effecting regular promotions in those cader and till then LA arrangements may be done. We have also appraised management on the need of strict compliance of post tenure and Rural / Urban rosters, as per guidelines so that all executives will get equal privileges. We hope that our suggestions will be taken on merit and redeployment will be effected in BAs which will not over burden any particular section as per field realities and aligning with future organisational requirement.

Click here for the letter submitted

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Ref. 2


Augmentation of Mobile Network of Kerala - Suggestion by GS AIGETOA

GS-AIGETOA writes to CMD BSNL for augmentation of mobile network of Kerala Circle and other similarly placed circles to meet the sudden surge in demand of mobile data traffic. It will be a good initiative to stand with public in this pandemic crisis.

Click here for the letter


Submissions To Circle Management : On Voluntary Contribution of 2 day Salary and Difficulty in Temporary advance Settlement

We express our gratitude to administration for acknowledging the efforts of our members for meeting the essential requirements during the pandemic season.

AIGETOA Kerala submitted our suggestions with regard to voluntary contribution of TWO day Salary from employees towards a helping hand to financial needs of our country men during this pandemic time. We requested that BSNL management may kindly consider the pending wages payment of contract labours and incase any delay , then the contribution from employees may be taken for the time being and when recouped, this can be donated to PM/ CM relief fund.

Click here for the letter submitted

We also represented the matter of difficulty in settlement of temporary advances by 31-3-2020 , due to the unforeseen situation created by Covid-19 outbreak and further lockdown.

Click here for the letter submitted

We hope that management will take care of the suggestions on merit and needful measures will be done.


Meeting with GM (HR/Admin), O/o CGMT BSNL Kerala

Our CS met GM ( HR/Admin), Circle office and discussed about recent transfer orders and other communications from administration side.

We expressed our gratitude to administration to effect the inter BA transfer orders as assured by CGMT & GM HR to us. We have pointed some missing cases and corrections, on which GM agreed to consider accordingly. It was also informed us that the inter BA long standing transfers will not be there this time further till any restructuring is effected by corporate office.

The recent communication on redeployment of executives in BA level was discussed and we asked about the rationale in distribution of various posts. It was intimated that the letter is only a draft and Field / BAs apprehensions will be taken care of before finalisation. A similar kind of draft will be there in CM Segment too. This is for a stop gap arrangement till corporate office finalise the restructuring. GM suggested that our association may share the views to management so that refinements on redeployment can be done through.

Further our CS informed about the ambiguity in field units with regard to a communication from Circle office stating working of administrative / other offices. It was clarified that the letter was issued to restrict the official working days to 5 day pattern during this pandemic season.The guidelines from BSNL Corporate office and GoI stand as such with regard to lockdown situation with regard to functioning of various offices / field duties. We are supposed to extend support on essential services category and Comply with GoI / BSNL directions.


Update on Covid 19

Dear Friends,

Our Circle team is in constant touch with CGMT Kerala and Management with regard to the situation prevailing in the state. Today also the same is continuing. CGMT assured us that all possible measures will be done to ensure the safety of the employees and contract staff. After our suggestions and interactions, Sir, had shared various guidelines /suggestions to be followed with BA heads. The SoPs will be issued. CGMT clarified that pending temporary advances will be sanctioned and will be in touch with Corporate office to allot more funds. With regard to working with skeletal staff, administration is awaiting BSNL CO directions / State Govt orders of on lock down.

We requested to allot separate funds as temporary advances for purchase of sanitizer / disinfectants and wages for other labour associated with the same for field officers / CSC/ Exchange / office incharges. CGMT assured that the necessary infrastructure support to field staff will be ensured and maximum email / soft copy usage will be promoted till normalcy. Sir, also informed us that necessary directions already given for stoppage of MELAs in public spots. We assured CGMT that whatever measures management is taking for the best interest of safety of employees / workers & BSNL we will support to the fullest. We also do share the concern of CGMT wrt to the essential service running amidst this pandemic and safety of ourselves / society.

Meanwhile our CHQ team also appraised the situation with corporate office and we hope to get the pending salary release soon. We need not panic but at the same time we need to be extra cautious and vigilant. We together will fight and help ourselves / government and Society to win this war against this pandemic.

Team AIGETOA, Kerala


Meeting with EPFO Authorities, Trivandrum on 19-03-2020

Our Circle team met EPFO Authorities, Trivandrum on 19-03-20. We had discussions over implementation of Hon HC judgement dated 25/2/19 in the three WPs where 504 applicants from BSNL are party. The meeting was in continuation of the points we took with EPFO in September -2019. The discussions with regard to the RP & SLP pending at Hon SC too also pointed by EPFO. The meeting ended inconclusive and will be continued next week.


Submission to CGMT, BSNL Kerala in the Epidemic Scenario of Covid 19

AIGETOA Kerala made submission before CGMT BSNL Kerala regarding the actions to be taken in the wake of Covid 19 outbreak. We have appraised our concern of employees working at CSCs / External offices and suggested adequate measures wherever the employees has to make contact with public.

We have also requested to reach out state government for supporting the maintainance of BSNL OFC and Copper Cable networks in this crisis and need of sanitary measures at all BSNL offices.

Click here for the letter submitted.




The Post-VRS scenario is no better than Pre-VRS scenario for BSNL Recruits in BSNL seeing the partisan behaviour of management towards your Rightful Dues and Rightful Voice. It seems that some sections in the BSNL management is hell bent to derail peaceful atmosphere of the company and giving you more reason to revolt than to work for betterment of the company. We restrained ourselves from getting into any organisational activities since last one and half years even in the most unfortunate time and denial in the larger interest. But when your existence will be challenged again and again, even when you account for more than 70% of total executive's strength in post VRS, we are bound to react and react vigorously and decisively. We have fought several struggles in past against discrimination and have enough power to once again show our inherited command to defy injustice and oppression. So, all of you are requested to start preparing for decisive struggle against suppression of your voice, challenge to your existence and hollow assurance for settlement of your long drawn genuine HR Issues.

Yesterday, SR Cell issued an order denying the very basic right of your voice and presence in the company by ignoring AIGETOA out rightly and favouring SNEA and AIBSNLEA by extending illegitimate facility for another three months (till 12th Jun 2020), whose due recognition period of three years has already ended on 12th Dec, 2019 as per BSNL REA Rule-2014. Secondly, Restructuring Cell came out with a letter inviting only SNEA and AIBSNLEA from association side as 1st and 2nd Majority Association for an all important proposed meeting on the "Implementation of BSNL Revival Plan and Restructuring in BSNL post VRS" to be held on 18th March, 2020 under chairmanship of the CMD BSNL.

Click here for the SR Letter

Click here for the Restructuring Letter

It important to note here that in the post VRS scenario, AIGETOA has already reached to 2nd Position in respect of total membership count and AIBSNLEA is standing at 3rd Position. This situation exists; when membership changeover window of Dec-Jan was not opened even after our repeated request else you might have reached to the 1st Position. In this condition, non-extending of at par facility to AIGETOA and giving extension to SNEA/AIBSNLEA clearly shows biased attitude of the SR Cell, New Delhi. It seems that management also doesn't want your voice to be heard while finalizing All Important Restructuring Plan of BSNL, which is going to be a key decision in the HR History of BSNL. Hence, your voice is being flattened and you are being marginalised even after reaching 2nd Position in the count and favour is being extended to those who speak in-tune with management.

The ways and methods adopted by HR group and BSNL management gives us enough reasons to believe that something is cooking up and perhaps AIGETOA does not fit in their scheme of things else there should not be any reason to sideline AIGETOA on important policy matters, who is the highest stake holder in post VRS scene. It has come to our notice that M/s Deloitte has submitted its report with regard to manpower plan and it is learnt that there is direction to reduce the posts drastically even to the extent which many would not have thought even in his worst imaginations. It is understood that other associations are becoming party to this decision as their much cherished dream of issuance of AGM to DGM (Adhoc) promotion has been accomplished. If BSNL Recruits do not wake up now, the day is not very far away, when all the BRs will be forced to retire in the cadre of SDE/AO without pay, pension and further promotions. With AIGETOA in picture, it was not easy to get the nod of Unions/Associations on proposed reorganisation plan of BSNL and that may be the key to all such actions.

The website of the messiah association is also burning proof of our interpretations as they simply got the focus of BSNL Recruits shifted to EPF case in Hon'ble Supreme Court after the promotion of DGM (Adhoc), while talks of HR issues have ceased to exist in their website. We are fully prepared to tackle their malacious designs, come what may.. We will not let BRs be made subject to this injustice and we are ready to fight till our last breathe.....

Wake Up Call Dear BSNL Recruits.....It's a wakeup call for all of us.. Either wake up or be ready to be ruined.

Today, Team AIGETOA has registered our STRONG PROTEST to the GM (SR) and clearly apprised him that the we are not going to be remain silent if our concern on these two letters are not addressed. Director (HR) due to his prior engagements at BSNL CO and DoT could not meet but he has been apprised of the unrest and partisan behaviour of HR group. We have given them clear timeline to take the corrective action with regard to this issue as well as conclusive decision on other HR issues as per commitment given in the meeting with Director (HR). If the corrective as well as conclusive action is not taken, AIGETOA is all prepared to rewrite history once again.

The management has to decide whether they want BSNL Recruits to devote their energy in the work place or on the street to fight for their legitimate voice and dues. In the mean time, Secretary (DoT), CMD and Director (HR) BSNL has been sent a SoS letter regarding our serious concern as mentioned above and demanded its immediate redresser. Click here for the letter to Director (HR)


CGMT , Kerala meeting with Associations /Unions on 07/03/2020

Our respected CGMT BSNL Kerala Sri. C V Vinod called for a combined meeting with all associations and Unions on 07/03/20. From management side CGMT and GM (HR/Admin) Sri. R Satheesh were present .AIGETOA was represented by Sri Saheer, CS and Sri. Ansal Mohammed, ACS & CHQ Advisor. CGMT expressed the need of changing our work profile inline with Top management's future plan for BSNL i.e. to become the total Telecom service provider with wholesale on Telecom solutions with corporate level working culture.

CGMT emphasized about the important role of employees in the outsourcing scenario of external / mobile / Ftth-LCO Contract works and desired to technically own the network of BSNL that catering our customers. He expressed the concern towards younger employees and suggested to ensure the magic of team work in the corporate working culture. The need to concentrate on FTTH segment and customer retention was also pointed by CGMT.

Our association assured our strong support for the endeavours for betterment of BSNL. We mentioned about need of various initiatives to be taken in FTTH segment and aggressive penetration methodology / restarting of maintenance contract in FTTH segment.The need of changing the leased circuits to fiber also pointed.We stressed the importance of further empowering and support requirements of EB and Transmission segments. BA wise taskforce creation also suggested. The need of uniformity in distributions of DELs in external cluster within BAs as per corporate office guidelines also pointed by our association. CGMT was receptive with interactions on our suggestions.

We also mentioned about the immediate requirement on maintenance aspect for DG/ACs at IN, Paravur and HLR, Thripunithura. We have pointed out on the throughput saturation in GGSN and increase of limit to cater the requirement. CGMT assured that on the above cases necessary measures will be taken. The issue of multiplicity of reports and need for centralised follow up by higher-ups on KIFB/KSTP/ NH highway works/ KWA etc also mentioned with. We requested with CGMT to consider the pending payment for CCL workers and sweeping / cleaning workers.

While discussion on transfer matters we have pointed on the transparent implementation of transfer policy / guidelines and consideration of pending transfer inter BA requests along with catering of requirement to various BAs. Our CGMT informed that the clear guidelines and practices will be followed in HR matters and at the same time the flexibility / consideration to employees will be ensured in the matters.

CGMT assured that needful care will be there for early clearance / solutions. The meeting was very much fruitful and cordial and we hope that the zeal and energy with employees unity / support will bring glory to BSNL.

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