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Minutes of Quarterly Agenda Meeting held on 28-09-2020 of Kerala Circle Management with the Recognised Association

Dear Colleagues,

The minutes of the meeting held between circle management and Recognised Association AIGETOA on 28/09/2020 is published.

Click here for the minutes issued

We reaffirm our commitment that the changes of electing AIGETOA as the recognised association will be visible. While erstwhile associations in BSNL have always shied away from publishing the minutes of their meeting with management for obvious reasons, We are determined to make it a regular feature and enable ourselves as a platform for smooth exchange of ideas between Management and executives with transparency.

Some measures mentioned in agenda meeting are already done by management like publishing of intra BA stay particulars in JTO/SDE/AGM cadres, taking up the matters with corporate office wrt categorisation of BAs, requirement of GMs, and diversion of batteries to Kannur, Thrissur and review of empannelled hospitals etc. we hope that the remaining points will also be cleared one by one, by management as assured.


Violation on BSNL guidelines & Misutilization of official capacity by DGM BSS / Transmission & Rural , Ernakulam BA

It is seen that DGM(adhoc) who is handling the charge of DGM BB/Transmission & Rural in Ernakulam BA reportedly violated various guidelines and norms prevailing in BSNL. Some incidents with prejudiced or biased approach by this DGM are reported through mis-utilization of official capacity. AIGETOA Ernakulam has reached out to PGMT, Ernakulam BA seeking an impartial enquiry on these matters.

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AIGETOA condemn such immature acts from a senior executive and is committed to protect the BSNL executives from nepotistic regime furthered by few such narrow minded people in violation of rules to retain their writ and authority over executive fraternity which in turn affect the conducive working atmosphere within organisation.


The Ill Intentions are out - Decision left with the wisdom of executives

Even though not astonishing, it is pathetic to see that the egoistic leaders of  one association are again coming out with flimsy grounds to create smoke to  support their motto that No DPC promotions for BSNL Recruits. We still can’t understand the rationale behind their heinous thoughts and how the members of the so called association stand up with these leaders further more. This vested element’s misguidance landed executives & management into trouble.  Now through AIGETOAs single effort, all is going to be cleared along with the promotions.  Since DPC formalities are getting ready and sufficient vacancies are already available to include eligible JTOs, we are sure that the present stalemate will go once the promotions are executed. It may be noted that the next AIEL particulars are also called for , which include BR JTOs till YOR 2012.

It is a fact that after the final verdict  from Hon HC Kerala on 05-06-2018 where  there was no ambiguity at all, these people mis leaded management through wrong interpretations , that there is confusion on DoJ and training center marks.  They simply hide the fact that the promotions done on 15-06-2018 for 3139 absorbed executives also, placed with training centre marks as intra seniority.  Further the  SNEA activists filed RPs along with  others which  delayed the justified promotions of  BSNL Recruits. They preached through website and other modes that to publish the eligibility lists, RP ( which they only have filed)  should be favourable etc etc many theories. The RPs dismissed on 24-08-2020 to the fact that there was no merit on the contentions raised by petitioners and there’s no ambiguity on Hon High Court verdict - and thus paved the way for publishing of AIEL and expectedly much awaited DPC promotions. The review filed by them were planned unnecessarily  to confuse on  Date of  joining Vs training center marks and supported back dated YOR occupancy. AIGETOA from the starting itself was telling there is no ambiguity in the Hon HC verdict which dealt only with Inter seniority ( ie 1:1 ) and  Intra Seniority was not at all a matter of dispute. If this was accepted by the so called proclaimed ones, then the promotions could have executed on June-2018. Now this crocodile association leaders says that 1:1 need to be implemented- had they took this stand on 2011-12 without creating legal blocks by fielding against BSNL recruits, then 2001 and subsequent BR batches would have got SCF promotions from the year 2012/13 onwards.  But unfortunately the same was dragged by them into such a level,  especially by one vested proclaimed leader  which  made the precious service years of  BSNL recruits at loss. It is known to all that this person who is with more than 35 years of service from Kerala is one of the main  hand behind this entire  conspiracy. His egoistic attitude and vested interests delayed the career progression of  BSNL recruited executives to such dismay and  It is very sad to see that  on fag end of service he still continue to work against BSNL recruits in whatever way he can.

We are not specifically mentioning the deeds of that association, just go through their web updates ( 2012 -2020 ), if not masked  , which will tell the real story with respect to their earlier stand and claims wrt AIEL & SCF promotions. It is really condemnable that these vested minds again trying to stall the career progression of executives at this belated stage. While AIGETOA’s efforts  for executing the promotions to all eligible JTO batches through DPCs and LDCEs ,  are getting expedited, it is a fact that the so called proclaimed association will not have further say in front of executives to justify their misdeeds. Similarly their stand on List-8 promotions, List-9 &  further finalisation also not known.?? Now when the promotions are visible whereby all circles have sufficient vacancies for accommodating the new SDEs, same may be allowed in their respective circles as and where basis is the request from AIGETOA. AIGETOA call for good sense to them and should shed their egoistic attitude and work for executives at least by now.


AIEL Published

Congratulations !! As assured to AIGETOA, the AIEL has been published. The AIEL upto RY 2008 has been prepared and placed in Intranet for omissions and corrections. There were many hurdles and hurdle creators for the process but finally the truth has won. The court case which was being touted by some as reasons for delay has enabled to take the issue to this level by sorting out the ambiguities in the whole process.

Click here for AIEL

Click here for AIEL in Excel

Now the preparatory process for DPC will start to fill up the available vacancies and AIGETOAs endeavour will be to get this process completed as early as possible. In the meanwhile, we have pursued and convinced HR section for starting the preparatory process for further batches. The letter for calling the eligibility particulars for further batches is also being issued.

We are also pursuing for notification of next LDCEs. We hope for early resolution of the LDCE issue. We are on the work for promotions in other cadres. AIGETOA requests all to have patience and not to fall into the trap of those spreading false information and confusion. AIGETOA assures that interest of every executive shall be protected and no body should feel that they will be left out.


SDE LDCE 2007 reversion orders kept in abeyance

Congratulations !!! With the strong and continuous persuasion of AIGETOA, BSNL CO issued reinstatement orders for 39 SDE Grade Executives who were reverted back to the grade of JTO (T) vide order dated 06-09-2019. The order dated 06-09-2019 has now been kept under abeyance.

However, the work is only half done. Still issues are there which needs to be sorted out and AIGETOA team is on job for that.

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BA wise long stay list of JTO & SDE Cadre officers for Inter BA ( Intra Circle ) transfer

Dear Colleagues,

Please see the BA wise long stay lists in the cadre of JTO & SDE. As communicated earlier all are requested to check the stay particulars and discrepancies noted may be communicated to concerned BA administration so that the same will be communicated to circle office. Kindly inform the same to concerned DS / DP also with a copy to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with Name, Designation, HR No, BA, Details / Remarks. Clarifications or guidance on the same ( required if any) may be sought from DS/ DPs / CEC Members.


JTO Long Stay - Covering Letter

JTO list of Alappuzha Pathanamthitta Kottayam

JTO list of Kozhikkode Kannur

JTO list of Ernakulam Thrissur

JTO list of Palakkad Malappuram

JTO list of Thiruvananthapuram Kollam


SDE Long Stay - Covering Letter

SDE list of Alappuzha Pathanamthitta Kottayam

SDE list of Kozhikkode Kannur

SDE list of Ernakulam Thrissur

SDE list of Palakkad Malappuram

SDE list of Thiruvananthapuram Kollam




Publishing of BA Long stay list

BA wise long stay list in the cader of SDE ( for intra Circle transfers) is published at Circle intranet.

Click here for the covering letter

The long stay lists in other executive caders are also expected soon.

Already there are some discrepancies observed like non consideration of service rendered at Lakshdweep, service rendered between BA and Circle Office in same BA territory, temporary transfer cases etc which need to be taken care. We have already informed circle administration regarding the same along with the matter of service rendered at Wayanad and Idukki high range areas.

Meanwhile all the executives are requested to check the stay particulars and discrepancies noted may be communicated to concerned BA administration so that the same will be communicated to circle office. Kindly inform the same to concerned DS / DP also with a copy to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with Name, Designation, HR No, BA, Details / Remarks.


Details of Formal Agenda Meeting with Kerala Circle on 28/09/2020

The formal agenda meeting with BSNL Kerala Circle Management and AIGETOA Kerala was held on 28/9/2020 at Circle Office Trivandrum. We  had invited suggestions from all executives in Kerala on various verticals and the suggestions, requirements and concerns were represented and brought to the notice of management.

The Meeting was chaired by our respected CGMT Sri Vinod C V, ITS.  Along with CGMT, the following officers were present from Management side - Sri.R Satheesh GM (HR/Admin), Smt.Leena Rose Thomas DGM (HR/Admin), Smt. Sunitha George (AGM HR), Smt. Molly Jacob (AGM Admin) and Sri. Sanjay Bengar (SDE–SR).

Association side was represented by Sri. Muhammadali MC (Circle President), Sri.Saheer S (Circle Secretary), Sri.Maxmilan K (Circle Finance Secretary), Sri.Ansal Mohammed C H (CHQ Advisor), Sri.Anil Kani (CVP), Sri Vipal Prem (CVP), Sri. Prasadraj RV (ACS) and Sri. Abdul Basith (ACS).

The meeting started with welcome speech by DGM (HR/Admin) and thereafter self introduction of each participant. CGMT addressed the meeting and congratulated AIGETOA on becoming the recognised association in BSNL. CGMT stressed the need of increasing our revenue and importance of restructuring in various verticals and requested association’s support for various initiatives from management to bring back the pristine glory of BSNL.  CGMT reiterated that there should not be any doubts regarding BSNL's future, rather CGMT emphasized that in the post VRS scenario the various support measures envisaged in revival package will be implemented one after another so as to ensure the profitability and viability of BSNL. CGMT informed that each executive should emerge as managers from technocrats and the future of BSNL is in the hand of present experienced and talented employees. CGMT also shared the concern on the promotional aspects of Executives and assured that all the supportive measures will be done from Kerala Circle management for early resolution of such concerns. Further GM (HR/Admin) appreciated the initiatives by our association and shared the importance of team work which is a sure roadmap to success. GM mentioned that all the efforts would definitely lead to the betterment of organization.

Our Circle Secretary in his opening remarks appreciated the participative approach that BSNL management is following in Kerala Circle and thanked CGMT for allotment of formal agenda meeting with AIGETOA before redeployment finalization, LA/Long stay implementation and important matters and sparing us valuable time amidst his busy schedule. CS handed over the submission from Association on agenda points to management. Further Our Circle President acknowledged the involvement of Kerala top management in each and every matter especially by our CGMT on various platforms. Circle President assured AIGETOAs wholehearted support to management on matters that will bring betterment to employees, BSNL and our esteemed customers.

Thereafter all the agenda items were discussed in detail. Meeting lasted for more than three hours.Click here for the Submission on agenda points with Annexures . 

Association has represented and discussed the matters in detail and update from management side for the agenda points are as follows:

HR Segment

Transparent Implementation of Transfer policy & guidelines

BAs will be given instructions to follow tenure calculation by considering the service rendered in previous grade/cadre, for the purpose of Intra BA & Inter BA transfer. For accommodating requests within BAs - from rural/non-popular station to urban area, urban long stay list will be ensured in BAs. As far as feasible, post tenure changes will be done.  

The BA wise long stay lists will be published for AGM/SDE/JTO & Accounts wing separately and based on the same, acute shortage requirement in some BAs will be implemented by October-2020 and remaining will be done by financial year end. The transfers will be implemented with minimal displacement. The uniformity for forwarding of inter BA requests (like after six months of posting) will be ensured.  Management will explore the possibility to incorporate the processing of the same through online as suggested by association.

Management has taken note of various incidents about the biased approach in some BAs during transfer and postings raised by our association and informed that remedial measures will be done for non-recurrence. Soon an online Employee Grievance Mechanism will be developed through IT Cell, Kerala as suggested by our association as a platform to place the grievance of employees to top management for clearance at appropriate levels.

Executive Distribution –JTO/JAO/SDE/AO/AGM/CAO/DGM

On executive redeployment, it was assured that various concerns raised by AIGETOA will be taken care and CGMT appreciated our efforts which were done within the present working strength. Sanctioned strength and norms will be taken as per corporate office directions. CGMT appraised that the revenue and geographical area will be considered while allotment of executives.

Enacting REA-2014 Rules in Circle & BA level

All the guidelines issued on REA rules will be followed and BAs will be directed to adhere to the same in true spirit. With regard to special casual leaves management already issued clarification and measures will be done to incorporate the same in ERP.  With regard to formal agenda meeting and reconstitution of committees/councils, BAs will be issued directions for ensuring the same.

Requirement of GMs in BAs

CGMT assured some additional officers already allotted. The matter will be taken with corporate office and maximum efforts will be done to cater remaining BAs.  It was informed that Kasaragod, Idukki may be given separate Area DGMs and Ernakulam BA with DGM (F).

Processing of  Request, Temporary & Mutual Transfer requests

All request transfers will be considered uniformly in both Telecom and Accounts wing. Transfer request Portal will made to ensure transparency and speedy processing. Forwarding of temporary transfer requests will be done and mutual transfer requests will be processed.

Look after arrangements in Executive cadre till regular promotion

With regard to Look after arrangements to cater immediate needs in various cadre is acknowledged by management and assured us that maximum possible extent will be ensured accordingly. Arrangements will be done in all cadre in all BAs in line with our proposal subjected to requirement.

Leave regularization & duty roster, Special CL on Covid-19

With regard to Leave regularisation during the lockdown period, instructions were already given to BAs for effecting the same. The request for special casual leave/Work from Home for quarantine cases will be taken with corporate office. With regard to weekly duty roster it was told that since the directions from corporate office is for 100% attendance, the same need to be adhered. At the same time CGMT suggested that executives in same section need to take precaution in such a way that all the personals are not getting affected through contact at office place.

Empanelment Covid-19 treatment hospitals

BA wise empanelled hospitals to cater the Covid-19 treatment will be published and necessary additional approval (required if any) will be given for the same.

Confirmation of Executives after Probation Period

The list of executives pending for confirmation (with more than two years service) will be published and management suggested that association should also pursue the individual cases, so that this can be settled.

Online attendance  System

Online attendance system is made to ensure a self discipline in the working atmosphere and open for more creative improvements. Management requested association’s support for smooth functioning of the same. As per our request CGMT assured that BA heads will be directed to ensure the Mobile App privilege to field staff as per the requirement.

Processing of NOC/Experience Certificate

For speedy processing of NOC and experience certificates, online portal will be made through IT Cell, Kerala.


Operational Segment

Payment to LCOs & consideration to FTTH segment 

The concerns raised with regard to LCO payment and multiple processing charges , newly introduced FTTH installation charges and due consideration to FTTH segment are taken on merit and ensured the needful shall be done. The suggestion to relook on Fibernet app (GIS mapping tool for locating modem, OLTs, splitters, cable etc) will be considered. The LCO payments will be taken on priority. FTTH is the most revenue generating segment and BSNL CO also is requested to consider this regard.

Allotment of Temporary advance & guidelines for disbursement 

Management informed that temporary advances will be allotted for urgent cases. With regard to uniformity in temporary advance disbursement, directions will be given to BA heads to ensure the same.

CRM/ Clarity  Slowness concerns

CGMT also shared the concern of CRM/Clarity slowness issues. The matter will be taken up with ITPC once again. It is suggested that association also take up the matter with CHQ.

Infra  related matters & maintenance

CGMT informed managed service model is under discussion. With regard to infra maintenance, fund allotted from corporate office is being distributed.  A communication is already made to CMD, BSNL in this regard. With regard to up keeping of exchanges, it is suggested that association may take up with concerned BAs wherever such facility is not available in the tender.

The infra structure issues pointed in critical stations are noted by management. This will be checked and remedial actions will be done as per requirement.  Priority will be given to recoup the life expired infra items. The suggestion for Sick cell inline battery charger for BTSs was given by association and it is assured that the same will be checked for purchase.

Tender for O/H Fiber laying in Txmn /EB – Provision & maintenance.

With regard to the requirement of contract works for EB & Transmission OH Fiber provision / maintenance, it was assured that separate rates will be approved and measures for inclusion through agreements will be done. This will be ensured soon and direction will be given to all BA.

Priority and Lesser Downtime for Maintenance and Up-gradation activities for STR Related Backbone Works

CGMT assured proper coordination will be ensured on maintenance and upgradation on STR planned activities. The mentioning on allotment of STR ports for core links are noted and will be taken care.

CPAN NOC EMS Issues & requirements

The requirements raised for empowering CPAN NoC EMS will be taken as per the inputs shared by the association.

Restoration of OMC Web access through internet

Management shared the concern on cyber security and it is suggested that the possibility of mobile VPN will be explored on need basis.

Closure proposal of Five 2G sites at Wayanad

With regard to this matter, CGMT pointed that even though management is agreed to the social obligation part and other issues  raised by association , the alarming concern is too low revenue and high expenditure of these sites. It was informed that the feasibility for 3G installation at these sites after discussion with concerned GMs.

Due importance to Cost Accounting Practices in BSNL:

CGMT welcomed the idea from association on cost accounting & estimation on cluster / minute level. CGMT also mentioned that this possibility will be explored to do at circle level.

Vendor payment through letter of credit or post dated cheque

It was informed that the vendor payment through letter of credit and bill discounting method can be proposed once the pending payments to the tune of thousand crores are reduced to a normal level.

Backhaul up gradation at Attapadi area

CGMT clarified that, he is fully aware of the situation.  Even though initial plan was in line with association proposal, due to some issues with media it was decided that the CPAN equipments will be installed between Coimbatore and Anakkatty exchanges. It was informed that the required bandwidth will be ensured within the time frame.

It was also suggested that the positivity and optimistic thoughts should be inculcated in employees and public which will have direct impact on productivity. CGMT appreciated association’s efforts in this matter and suggested to take the onus for including all the executives on various initiatives. The meeting was very cordial and interactive; with most of the agenda points got a very positive response from management. Association assured management that we are always ready to come out with more pragmatic suggestions/inputs incorporating both management’s and executive’s aspirations from time to time and sincerely hope management will make best use of it. We appreciated CGMT and entire circle team for making a participative approach to decision making on important matters with recognised association as entitled.



BSNL Formation Day - Message from CHQ

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Happy BSNL Day wishes to you all!

BSNL turns 20 years today. For a government department that was corporatized when telecom market in India was booming with the entry of private players, it has been a roller coaster ride. When we look back, BSNL had its own share of ups and downs, its own defining moments and déjà vu incidents etc. It has been a long wait of 20 years for us to see the real corporate work culture to emerge in BSNL. While we joined this organisation with high dreams of joining a corporate organisation working in cutting edge technologies, we were destined to see it deteriorate to an unprofessional and oversized entity that finds it tough to adapt to circumstances. Long queues for BSNL connection when BSNL first launched its mobile services because we BSNL was the first operator to make incoming calls free, first launching of 3G in India by BSNL, the vast and wide reach of our network, BSNL’s ability to reach even the remotest part of country and also raise to occasion to cater the telecommunication need of the public in the face of natural calamities, its fully owned by GoI tag etc. are some features or incidents that make us proud of being part of this gigantic organization with chronicled history.

But during the last one decade we are also witness to a gradual but sustained loss of focus by BSNL in its endeavour to carve a niche for itself due to a plethora of challenges both within and outside the organization. The employees remain in an eternal anticipation of a performance oriented meritorious working culture in BSNL where experience, expertise and hard work is recognised and rewarded for a mutually beneficial relationship of both individual as well as organization. The predicament has now manifested with another challenge where we experience inordinate delay in launch of 4G services and lack of coherent strategy in capitalising on the huge FTTH market that exists in India.

AIGETOA is well aware about its responsibility as a recognised representative association with an unenviable task of leveraging the aspirations of BSNL Executives at a critical juncture to turn around BSNL into pristine past glory. As the saying goes,When the going gets tough, the tough gets going, we pledge to leave no stone unturned in our endeavour and we remain determined to pave our own path to excellence. We also sincerely hope that all other stakeholders of BSNL including the management, other Associations & Unions, Government and Administrative Ministry and last but never the least, the BSNL fraternity and public at large recognise the writing on the wall and the need to keep the narrow and sectarian agendas aside while working for BSNL. AIGETOA remain committed and extends its unflinching support for any idea that that we believe can bring a positive impact on BSNL and at the same time fight with tooth and nail on any idea that is disastrous for BSNL. We make an earnest appeal to all stakeholders in BSNL to reciprocate the same.

We, rededicate ourselves to a more vibrant and Inclusive BSNL 2.0 on this, BSNL day!

With Best Wishes and Regards,




Reply to the web update of support association about meeting on 16/9/2020 with circle management ...

Dear Colleagues,

It has come to our notice that the Kerala circle website of support executive association has come up with a lewd and scurrilous update regarding the agenda meeting with BSNL Management in Kerala circle on 16-09-2020. What is more astonishing is that a defamatory and uncharitable paragraph about AIGETOA was inserted much later in the same update, which establishes that the provocation is not a sudden emotional outburst but a deliberate attempt to tarnish the hard work put forth by AIGETOA and mislead executives. This mischievous incident goes on to prove that the said association doesn’t have any integrity in maintaining its own website updates which changes time to time.

After the MV also, AIGETOA had a taken a constructive approach and did make an honest appeal to keep the differences apart while working for BSNL and its revival. Sadly, not only that these clarion calls seems to have been fallen on deaf ears, but also they are proving that they are yet to come out of EMV hiccups!. It is pertinent to mention here that the support association in BSNL is eligible only for informal meetings with management and AIGETOA alone has the recognised status in BSNL now. It is reliably  learnt that this association was also warned by BSNL management in Kerala for using the “Recognised” tag in their official communications recently as they are not entitled for it. It is also true that AIGETOA got appreciation from management in the meeting for the depth of the content in discussions and the hard work put forth behind it. It may be this  support association’s narrow  mindedness and intolerance  to digest  the acceptance  for AIGETOA that is prompting them to sail on this negative path that too at this inopportune time.

We are aware that we can’t stoop so low in countering them, but we would like to assure the executive fraternity that we have not supported reduction in sanctioned posts in any manner and sanctioned strength in executives cadres are still to be finalized / published from corporate office after VRS and restructuring! In line with agenda discussion , We have only proposed a pragmatic approach with present working strength and we have not hid what we actually said in the meeting too. In fact a thorough reading of our proposal will reveal that it will cause an increase in DGMs/ AGMs/CAOs/SDEs/AOs as LA arrangement till regular promotion is made. If they can show any SSA any executive count differs from present working strength as per the proposal from DGM to JTO/JAO they are free to share. We have only one the thing to say to them in this regard do get your calculations corrected. Further we take the characterisation of our presentation as MBA PPT vision statement in their website as a credit and thank them for this compliment! We leave that matter to the executive community , to understand that whose jealous feeling protruded out. Regarding their barbs regarding a cluster in Kottayam BA– it is something we didn’t intend to mention, but we are compelled to, now- it is their Circle President who praised the cluster as a model cluster. We request the author of such negative mindset to go and enquire with employees , workers at those sections in kottayam BA , so that let him understand what positivity and conducive arrangement’s were done in that cluster. Definitely it is the result of team work of that cluster which may not be knowing to these negative mindsets; as for them the preference is with personal attacks. We can only remind them that at least by now they should keep the usurping tactics at bay and work with a shared vision for more vibrant and inclusive BSNL 2.0.


Meeting with Circle Management on 16-09-2020

An agenda meeting called by Circle management with the Recognised Representative Association, AIGETOA and support association was held as per schedule at Conference Hall, 6th Floor, BSNL Circle office, Trivandrum. The meeting was held under the chairmanship of CGM Sri. C V Vinod ITS and management side was also represented by Smt. Yojanadas PGM(F), Sri. P G Nirmal, GM (S & M- CFA, NWO-CFA & CM), Sri. N Sukumaran, GM (NWP-CM & CFA, EB), Sri. R Satheesh GM HR & Admin, Smt. Leena Rose Thomas DGM ( HR/Admin ), Smt Sunitha George AGM (HR), Smt Renu V SDE (HR). AIGETOA side was represented by Sri Muhammadali M C Circle President, Sri. Saheer S Circle Secretary, Sri. Maxmilan K Circle Treasurer, Sri. Ansal Mohammed CHQ Advisor, Sri. Dipu Chandran CHQ Organising Secretary, Sri. Anil Kani Vice President, Sri. Prasadraj ACS, Sri Abdul Basith ACS, Sri. Vipal Prem VP, Sri. Binoj ACS, Sri. Bijoy DP EKM.

The meeting started with a hearty welcome to the participants from management side. After self introduction from the participants, the meeting congratulated respected PGM F Smt. Yojanadas on her new assignment as Director (F) BSNL Corporate office. Respected CGMT Kerala addressed the meeting with a precise and elaborate speech where he made an emphasis on the revenue and the need for an effort complying to the requirements. CGMT mentioned about the requirement of BSNL Kerala to take the work on making Lakshdweep islands as a smart hub and the roll out of 4G in Kerala at Malappuram & Wayanad. CGMT pointed about the need of internal restructuring based on competitive environment and recent corporate office guidelines. Further PGM F and other GMs addressed the meeting.

Then AIGETOA was called to present views on agenda points. In the opening remarks Circle Secretary Sri. Saheer assured the support from AIGETOA to management on matters that will ensure betterment of BSNL and its employees. Circle President Sri.Muhammadali thanked and appreciated the move from management to have a participative approach on various matters. Circle President intimated that being the only recognised association of executives in BSNL, AIGETOA acknowledges the responsibility of representing all the cadres and sections in BSNL and the efforts by this association will bring the fruits for all. Further we represented our views on each agenda point through a presentation < Click here for the presentation >. We have emphasised the importance of bringing the transparency and the need for rationality in various decisions pertaining to HR and to ensure motivation to the executive fraternity because HR is the most valuable resource of any organization.


The highlights of the discussions held are given below:

Executive manpower redeployment

We have intimated to the circle administration that, since the justification, norms and sanctioned strength especially SDE/AO/JTO/JAOs based on restructuring is still awaited from corporate office, the discussion with respect to justification of staff strength is not required. Rather present working strength may be used to cater various internal requirements within the BAs & Circle if required, after considering request transfers, options and through LA arrangements. We raised the concern that now 5 BAs in Kerala don’t have regular GM in place and how the allotment of 5 more GMs in EKM can be made? Thus from DGM to JTO/JAO level, we submitted a proposal where by each category of BAs can be served with present conditions (with changes as needed may be worked out for different BAs w.r.t. revenue, working lines & geographical area) in addition to the executive deployment at circle office wings.

We have pointed out that management need to consider the various aspects with regard to the prevailing organizational structure and the pre-requisites which was explained in detail before any such changes. We stressed the fact the there was no reduction of work in any executive cadre in post VRS scenario. There is no outsourcing of activities in accounts wing rather the works are increased and core accounting need to be strengthened. The Infra related issues – mainly with battery, power plant were made into the notice of management. The segments like Transmission, EB, BSS & FTTH, Core n/w, Sales and Marketing, External need to be given priority and ensure effective utilization of employees. The Geographical area of BAs (like EKM-IDK, KOZ -WYD, KNR-KSD & TCR, MLP, PGT) need to be taken care while staff rationalization with existing executive strength is initiated. The guidelines in corporate office letter dated 27/12/2019 can be used as a reference in the post VRS scenario. The need of HR & TR centralization and implementation of E-office with reduction in multiplicity of report seeking, which automatically increase productive man hours also mentioned. The presentation included each BAs working lines count, revenue percentile, cluster count, mobile sub divisions & present executive deployment. We suggested for a practical approach in re-deployment with the present staff strength in each BAs without much disturbances. We suggested that more DGMs/AGMs/CAOs/AOs/SDEs are required and the same may be ensured through look after arrangements till regular promotions are made. Since LA options were called prior to VRS, we requested that fresh options may be called from executives for look after arrangements.

CGMT appreciated the efforts from association and the points raised are well taken. With regard to infra maintenance it was informed that management will try to go for managed service model for infra maintenance. He also mentioned the matter that the redeployment outline from management is almost in line with the proposal made by AIGETOA.The need of cluster wise ownership of BSNL business is given a stress by CGMT where the cluster in charge, BBC and account personal in charge are expected to deliver by working together.

Shortage of manpower & Redeployment

With regard to these agenda points, we mentioned that we have a transfer policy in place but the need of the hour is, ensuring its transparent implementation for Inter BA & Intra BA transfers. The guidelines to calculate stay particulars are clear and lists may be published based on the same BA wise for each cadre at the earliest. We also requested that the request transfers of all executives who have completed / nearing completion may be considered and after the same options may be called from executives for acute shortage identified BAs. We also submitted that the long stay Transfers (if any) may be effected with minimum displacement towards the acute shortage BAs by considering Covid-19 situation and other constraints.

CGMT informed that the proposals and concerns raised by AIGETOA will be definitely considered and as far as possible all the suggestion will be taken care. The stay particulars will be published BA wise for each cadre of executives. The matter will be discussed again with AIGETOA on formal agenda meeting scheduled on 28-09-2020.

We have also suggested the strengthening core sections with sufficient executives and non executives along with clear work profile and functional mappings. The need of a tender for undertaking outsourcing works at transmission, continuation of up keeping contract and call centre support were also brought into the notice of management.

Innovative ideas to improve our business & Revenue and Revenue collection

We pointed that the executives can perform their best and at the same time, they expect management to be open in their approach to facilitate the work and support them proactively.

The various points were discussed in detail like - FTTH being the future of CFA segment, the requirement for due consideration to FTTH segment. The LCOs payment Issues and shortcomings in B pay/E pay/Wallet, encouragement of ELCOs, CRM / clarity issues, need of Promotional Plans in FTTH, Pole network build up, stringent SLA parameters in FTTH segment etc. We proposed the need of Mobile numbering level availability for SIP PRI platform since many e-commerce merchants are using the same, where we have a business potential and our IMS core is capable for the same.

We have also coined an idea of an exclusive social media marketing team with self volunteering people from BAs and its expected line of works and further improvement. The suggestion for Total Telecom Solution with System Integrators, CM Franchisees as Marketing partners and Single Window concept also discussed. For increasing the revenue and collection status, we proposed to strengthen OSP team and suggested prepaid facility incorporation in other segments too. The changes in EB billing process into deposit + arrear billing instead present method and need of promotional plans in EB segment were also suggested. Effective utilisation of BSNL’s own space and need for reduction in rented space were also suggested.

Management actively involved in discussion on each point mentioned and took the feedback and CGMT assured that initiatives will be taken accordingly.

Finally on the last agenda point i.e. the Cluster-wise maintenance activity for Landline/Broadband - Suggestions for Improvement, there was detailed discussion with regard to the issues faced by external cluster in-charges with regard to outsourcing and related matters. Each minute point came under discussion and the suggestions were also made.

CGMT informed that all possible measures are to be taken to go along with the contractor and if the situation demands then the cluster in-charge need to be more stringent and actions may be initiated to protect the BSNL’s interest. CGMT has unequivocally told that cluster in-charges are empowered with power and responsibility in assessing and recommending present contractor for further continuation of his work and the non performing contractors can be terminated by finding the alternate option with necessary approval.

The presentation from AIGETOA lasted for almost 1&½ Hrs and was well appreciated from management side. The approach from management side was positive and we hope that going further, we will be able to workout the best possible practical solution within the constraints that we confront with. Together we will make it better for our organization and ourselves.

Our motto – “A Vibrant and Inclusive BSNL 2.0”


Reach Your Representative Association :AIGETOA

Dear Colleagues,

All India Graduate Engineers & Telecom Officers Association (AIGETOA) is determined to take issues related to BSNL and employees with due vigour and diligence, because we are aware that it’s the foremost duty of the representative association. We have shared the matters that will be our straight priorities at Corporate office level through our manifesto -  the Shapath Pathra and we are working for resolutions as envisaged.

In a similar line,   as a continuous process for carrying forward an inclusive and participative approach at Circle and BA level where all the employees across various cadres can share their suggestions, ideas and views - AIGETOA Kerala hereby announces a unified platform through our website. As the only Recognised Representative Association,  AIGETOA is entitled for providing views on important matters,  issues related with growth and viability of BSNL and consultation on policy matters in each level. The formal meetings by AIGETOA with management will be there for specific submissions on merit. We bring before all employees in Kerala Circle, an online webpage form through which each one of you are empowered to share your thought process which may be reflected in various meetings by AIGETOA at Circle and BA level. The submissions can be exchanged, examined, and applied to make a vibrant BSNL and a best HR System in BSNL by catering to the aspirations of the employees.

Suggestions / Ideas are welcome from all cadres and we reckon that this venture would be highly advantageous for deciding how your representative association should work and also how it will provide an insight to the requirements and realities that management is bound to cater.  

To submit the suggestions please use this Google form.

The same is shared at the top of AIGETOA Kerala website.

Let’s Unite for Change and Progress.  Let’s Unite in actual sense through participation.


Clarifications from Management on Online Attendance

Inline with AIGETOA's submission dated 2/9/2020 , Circle administration issued clarification on the points raised by the association.

Click here for the clarification.


Meeting with GM(HR/Admin), O/o CGMT, Kerala Circle

Our Circle team met GM HR/Admin to discuss about the proposed online attendance system. We shared our concerns over the same. It was assured to us that necessary clarifications and requirements will be incorporated.

Click here for the letter submitted.

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