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Problem of Low data throughput and issues related with GGSN Chennai

It is observed that nowadays - there is huge delay in receiving CREATE PDP CONTEXT RESPONSE msg from GGSN, more complaints are being received from field units regarding speed and customers complaints mainly regarding delay in getting access to data service.

To improve data network we have recently installed and tested two high capacity ZTE RNCs (one at Kannur and another at TVM) and reparenting of some Node Bs from other nearby RNCs are also planned. But as per the present situation at GGSN we are not going to benefit any speed improvement or better user experience even after rearranging NodeBs to new high capacity RNCs. W.r.t information available from GGSN team status at GGSN – it is learnt that there is choking at GGSN, Processor overload in GSU cards observedthroughout the day , license reached alarm also exists.

There was a discussion by ZTE Team with BSNL CO for changing the configuration to N+1 for reducing load on existing GSU cards. M/s ZTE had already given proposal to Corporate Office Six months back. No new hardware required, only licence enhancement and configuration changes in GGSN/SGSN is needed and this licence enhancement will benefit all SZ circles.

AIGETOA Kerala took the matter with CGMT, BSNL, Kerala Circle . Click here for the letter submitted.


Full Day Dharna on 6th Sept. successfully conducted in all SSAs

Full Day Dharna called by United Forum (AIGETOA, AIBSNLEA & SNEA) received an overwhelming response at all SSAs. Dharna to be continued on second day 7th September as well. All DRs are requested to participate in the dharna tomorrow, District Secretaries please ensure 100% participation of executives in Dharna Programme.  


Dharna organized at SSA Head Quarters by United Forum on 13th May

One day Dharna successfully conducted at all SSA Head Quarters for the resolution of the demands submitted by United Forum.

 Glimpses of one Day Dharna at CGM office TVM    Dharna at Thrissur   Dharna at Kannur     Dharna at Calicut


Lunch Hour Demonstration on 4th Dec 2015 - A Grant Success

@Kannur SSA
@Kannur SSA
@Thrissur SSA
@Palakkad SSA

Dear Friends,

Today out from the blue, an executive association (who always plays double standards) utters ‘’Shame on you’ the famous sentence, uttered by the Hero In movies !!

AIGETOA-Kerala has always stood for the best for BSNL, Kerala and never sponsored  substandard activities whatsoever.

Some facts we should know:

1.     The actual turbulence started in Kerala Circle in the year 2014 April- May due to acts of the ‘so called self proclaimed association’s‘ activities, When CGMT Kerala opposed the unethical / illogical requests on transfers .

2.      The CS of the said association’s meeting with CGM, didn’t yield any results on transfer issues ( of which earlier they got it done mainly at the cost of DRs )

3.      The so called flimsy / non supportive allegations against the CGMT were projected only almost One and half years after he took charge ( He joined on 17-12-2012 ) and up to April-2014 those ‘Saviours ’ didn’t  utter a word about such allegations . If they were well aware of all such things much earlier, why such a deep silence??????????

4.      When corporate office learnt the story behind the drama, the said association had to back track after ransacking / tarnishing BSNL image in public through “news published continuously in leading news papers” How????? Why?????, for over two months and had to eventually stop their acts as nobody supported them. Through this who got benefitted???

5.   Now in the name of legitimate issue of Contract Labourers, these ‘Saviours’ tried to hijack the drama as they sniffed that there is a chance of making chaos and turbulence, which could be used to their advantage, played their cards well , which is the root cause of present situation in BSNL Kerala.

6.     In All India/ circle level many issues were taken under the umbrella of JAC. But such initiatives were not found in this regard. This itself shows the hidden agenda of the said association.

 AIGETOA Kerala re-iterates that

  “We the Direct Recruit Officers are not against any one  and also we are not blindly favouring any one; but we will stand by the Truth, Justice & Transparency –well being of BSNL & Our members despite all odds.”

Some Questions un-answered

Are they not ashamed of….

1.    Forcefully closing CSCs, affecting business and operations; tarnishing the image of BSNL publicly by the acts and deeds of them??

2.    When some group went amuck, disturbing the day to day functions of BSNL and humiliated a lady colleague with third rate language, gestures and behaving inhumanly .A pity and sad incident never heard in the history of BSNL, Kerala.Are you not ashamed of this..?? The said association may ponder over this.

3.    By not declaring a strike, calling it as non-cooperation and amassing the salary for the days they were literally absent from the work/office.

4.   For hijacking the rightful struggle of casual labourers and using it to their advantage, Eventually leaving them high and dry with their wages deducted for absent from work and saving their own **** *

5.   For making BSNL’s image the worst by news published frequently for over two months in leading dailies for the sheer issue of transfer orders received by some of the ‘immovable idols’ of them.

6.   Playing all dual games with workers & executives, there by responsible for the current state of affairs .

7.  Helping the private operators ( who started their 4G operations / due for 4G Service  in large scale in Kerala ) by making turbulence and tarnishing BSNL image frequently to pave a smooth way for our competitors.

Few Disturbing thoughts….

1.     A lady officer was humiliated in front of Officers in the ranks similar to State Secretary and Group-A Officers, The highest authority himself  lodged a complaint at the highest ranks of Police, and Govt. authorities.

2.   Any action on the complaint still hasn’t happened.

3.   Is it not a deeply shocking incident, when someone is taking law into their hand and forcing  ‘their rights’ on others.

4.   This is to be analysed in lines of recent activities reported in the name of ‘moral police’ and other social/ religious misfits.

5.    It is equally disturbing that, the so called highly educated Kerala fraternity; the subordinates/citizens/media are keeping mum on this highly condemnable act.

6.   It’s only hoped that, the association may find some matured, rational ways to go forward.

In this competitive era, when every day / every customer is invaluable  and these people are eating / weeding out our bread and butter; questioning each and every executive’s freedom of speech & expression within company interests.

As the company is passing through a difficult time and welfare of  employees are fully depended on the revival /uplift of our beloved company. On one side the said association is boasting the same by pretending to be the godfather’s of all but on the other side they are completely paralysing the whole system for satisfying their mere EGO at the cost of our beloved company. 

Their true colours came in to light when we DRs were fighting for our entitlement.

It is high time for DRs to be alert, realise the fact and rise to the occasion.


DoPT Case : Facts We Should Know

Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) is the department of the Central Government bestowed with the authority to issue guidelines which control the Promotion and Training rules of PSUs under Central Government Control.

According to DoPT guidelines in any Cadre in a PSU where there is appointment through two streams ie via Direct Recruitment and via Promotion , the relative seniority should be done keeping a ratio of 1:1 for Direct Recruits and Promotees.


When the 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 Provisional Gradation list were published, the First BSNL Direct Recruited official was placed at around 7000 ! while DoPT would have positioned him at 2nd Position !!. The Final Gradation List was never prepared or circulated, which itself is a big violation of DoPT/Natural Justice.

DRs decided act against this injustice & at Chennai they filed a Case in the Hon Chennai CAT under AIGETOA banner. In the mean time, A roster case ( for reservation roster ) was also made in Hon Chennai CAT for the list 2008-09 ; and both these cases made the Wrong Gradation list of 2008-09 & 2009-10 inoperative .

The DoPT case after remaining in Court for almost 2 year was dismissed on the following technical grounds.

1) The DR JTOs hadn't first given a representation to the Management.

2) The DR JTOs had challenged the Chennai Circle gradation list.

3) They had 'slept over their rights' for a long time as the irregularity had happened as early as 2000 but they had gone for the case only by about 2009


Immediately after the re-publishing of 2009-10 Gradation List ; some of our Colleagues in Kerala who were in the list had immediately given representation to Management (Director HR) siting the injustice that was done to Direct Recruits by the management by not following the DoPT Guidelines and the Procedure followed by BSNL. Having not received any response from the Management in the prescribed time they immediately without delay filed a Case in the Hon Ernakulam CAT & challenged the 2009-10 list also.

BSNL had not appeared in several of the hearings. Consequent to the legal proceedings On 18.04.2013 the Hon Ernakulam CAT had directed the BSNL Management to prepare a list based on DoPT Guidelines & legeal orders which they hadn't been able to do till date. It was also directed not to make any promotions from the challenged list without the Hon court's consent.

Now one of the associations - which claims to take care of the interests of both Promotees and Direct Recruits equally well - is moving fast to get the stay vacated to see their priority members (PROMOTEES) posted as SDEs to those Seniority Vacancies at the earliest, which should have been rightfully shared between Direct Recruits and Promotees equally (ie 1:1).  

Further, after so many hearings spanned for almost 2 years, and due to our justified grounds Hon. CAT extended the stay order. Astonishingly on 16th Jan 2015,  the case was dismissed.

Now an appeal is filed at Hon. High Court Kerala and Hon. court again granted stay (status quo) on operating from the list. 

None of the DR JTOs of 2001/2002/2005/2007/2008 know where they stand in All India JTO Seniority List, which should have been published / kept in internal circulation by BSNL Corporate office. For non-publication/non-circulation of the same some vested interests are still playing.

Wake up friends, The time to act is NOW. The point is not to take all this injustice sitting idle. We have to Stand up and fight for what is rightfully ours.


Lunch hour demonstration on 16th Feb

All District Secretaries are requested to ensure maximum participation in the proposed lunch hour demonstration organized by Forum of Unions and Associations in front of CGMT & GM Offices on 16th February 2015 in protest of the negative attitude of CGMT Kerala in improving the quality of service.


LDCE-2015 Crash course


Date  : 28th Sunday DEC 2014

Time : 9:30 AM 

Subject   : Roaming and International Roaming , MNP ,Charging & Billing in GSM/CDMA,Intelligent Network, MIN , Lawful Interception System & Security (Sri.Pramod C S, JTO MSC , Coimbatore)
Venue : Mananchira Telephone Exchange, TRC Hall , Calicut.


Date  : 28th Sunday DEC 2014

Time : 10:00 AM

Subject   : Mgmt remaining topics (Sri. Ravikumar)
Venue : Panampilly Nagar Exchange, 1st Floor Conference Hall , Ernakulam.

As per our request CDR facility restored to all CSCs

As per the discussion held by  AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA  with GM(S/M-CM) CO TVM  on 28/11/2014, the  IN CDR FACILITY is restored to ALL CSCs

click here for the joint letter submitted

LDCE Coaching classes to be conducted jointly by AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA

AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA jointly conducting coaching classes for LDCE SDE(T) exam. JTOs from outside Calicut please register here  to take part in this classes.