11 Oct AIGETOA News

Inter BA Transfer Orders Issued

The much awaited transfer orders of our executives have been issued today. Click here for the order A couple of transfer orders are left out, where some corrections may too be required. Nevertheless, we are grateful to our beloved CGMT, GM HR & DGM HR for considering the requests and issuing the transfer orders on its merit.  

The association had a meeting with Circle Management on 8th October and the discussions were lengthy and really fruitful. Our Administration acknowledged the genuine grounds on which the requests were made and had agreed within a weeks time frame the requests would be considered. The administration acted far quickly and ensured the executives got their due. 

AIGETOA Kerala once again express our sincere gratitude to Respected CGMT Dr.P.T Mathew ITS, GM(HR/Admn) Shri. Robin Poddar, DGM(HR) Shri. B.Makesh, AGM(HR) Smt. Sudha P Nair, SDE(HR2) Smt. Geetha Devi Suresh and team for quickly taking up the transfer requests and giving much relief to the executives who were eager to get placed at their home SSAs after serving long 08-10 years outside the circle. There is no doubt that the transfer orders would instil a new vigour in these executives and their productivity and enthusiasm would be much higher.