12 May AIGETOA News

CEC Meeting through Video Conference

The Circle Executive Committee meeting of AIGETOA Kerala was held on 09-05-2020 through Zoom Video Conference. The circle executive committee members and various DS/DP/DFS attended the meeting across Kerala. The CEC meeting was chaired by Circle President Sri. Muhammadali and lasted for almost three hours where various agenda points discussed elaborately. Our All India President Sri. Ravishil Verma also graced the meeting with his presence for a short period of time .

1.Covid -19 related support by AIGETOA Kerala
CEC appreciated the support of our members on different platforms with regard to Covid-19 related support works. Many members gave their share to PMcares/ CMDRF , financial support for needy ones locally, food / grocery supplies , activities to recharge FRCs at Airports etc. On further continuing solidarity to discharge the responsibility, the meeting decided to call for a voluntary contribution from members/ well wishers to provide kits to all BSNL CSCs / external clusters /units in Kerala Circle who deals with public or customers directly . The kit will contain Masks/ Face shields/ Gloves/Sanitizers/handwash etc which will help for fight against this pandemic by ensuring sanitization for employees and customers. ACS Sir.Binoj, VP Sri. Nikesh and CFS Sri. Maxmillan are nominated to coordinate the same.

2.Status and submission of SSA account statements ( FY 19-20 ) for auditing purpose.
Circle Finance Secretary Sri. Maxmilan informed that the circle account details are already submitted for auditing purpose as directed from CHQ. Now various SSA account statements ( FY 19-20 ) for auditing purpose are pending. The details are already shared by Malppuram, Palghat, Thrissur and Ernakulam. Remaining SSA DS/DFS have detailed present status and it is informed that they will share the data within a week.

3.Obstacles in 4G tender & 4G rollout
The committee shared its concern over the obstacles happened in 4G tender which is long awaited for BSNL and its customers. Circle Secretary Sri. Saheer explained the issues in the same and appraised about various initiatives from CHQ side for some solutions in the stalemate. Later our AIP also detailed about present situation.

4.Matter of Changeover Window stoppage and Illegitimate facility extension.
The matter of illegitimate facility extension to some executive associations due to some doubtful nexus was discussed in the meeting. Infact one such association, have much lesser membership than AIGETOA allowed to continue their status as such, which is completely irrational and beyond justice. The changeover window stoppage also made purposefully to give some hindrance to the flow executives to join AIGETOA across india. We are sure that no one can stop the reality to come out being the fact that only AIGETOA who stand for BSNL recruits for their career and super annuation related matters .

5.Promotions / Inter Circle Transfers.
Discussions held on pending Promotions and restructuring of employees and how association is planning to tackle these matters. Even though situation is tough due to Covid pandemic, we are still working to get some resolutions for the results. The inter circle matter of GATE JTOs is taken by CHQ actively and mean time the long standing inter circle transfer will be known after the lockdown situation, once the transportation becomes normal. AIP clarified the concerns raised.

Finally, CP summarised the resolutions of the meeting and opined that since this mode of zoom meeting is very constructive and convenient, we can think of having such meetings in regular intervals during the lock down / pandemic period